Accredited testing laboratory

The Laboratory of Friendly Service and Reliable Analysis

Novalab Oy was established in 1988. It is a private, independent and an impartial laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis of food, animal feed, water and environmental samples. Our clients come from the different sectors of the society, such as city and municipal authorities and other institutions. We have customers from the food, animal feed, food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Customers come also from the metal, wood processing and chemical industries. We also serve environmental research companies, universities and private persons too.

Analysis services

We use the national and international standards for analysis. Additionally, we can also implement specific methods suitable for individual clients.

We offer analysis of crude proteins using the Kjeldahls method. Elements can be analyzed using atom absorption or emission techniques. We have three atomic absorption spectrophotometers and an ICP-AES plasma emission spectrometer. Organic compounds are analyzed using three gas chromatographs (one by the head-space device) with FID and MSD detectors and liquid chromatographs with diode, fluoresence and refraction index detectors. In chemical determinations we also use UV/VIS spectrometers and electrode techniques. In microbiology our focus is on analyzing food, animal feed and waterhygiene. We can also offer preservation and quality assurance analyses.

Our quality control system is based on the standard SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our testing laboratory is accredited (T071) by the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS).

We are also approved to be an official testing laboratory by the Finnish Food Safety Authority and the National Agency for Medicines.



Matti Mäkelä Laboratory Manager, Environmental and Metal Analysis
Vera Martomaa Customer Manager, Microbiologist
Terhi Tuomala-Saramäki Department Manager, Microbiological Analysis
Eeva Luoma Quality Manager, Food and Water Analysis
Jarkko Kupari Chemist, Environmental Analysis
Anne Rajahalme Secretary, Invoicing
Esko Niemi Food Regulatory Assessment
Timo Hirvi Innovation Manager